The Karl Chevrolet Collision Center is equipped to handle all of your vehicle's needs by calling us today 
at (515) 299-4403: 
  • We repair vehicles of all makes and models
  • We're certified to weld/repair aluminum and steel vehicle structures/panels 
  • We repair/replace all vehicle glass 
  • We offer paintless dent removal 
  • We offer complete interior repair
  • And, we're a direct repair facility for most insurance companies. 

Layers of Quality 
Factory paint finishes are comprised of multiple layers of specialized paints. The technicians who manage the paint process at the Karl Chevrolet Collision Center are true craftsmen - which is what it takes to be able to match texture, gloss, and hue with today's paint.

Attention to Detail
Once your vehicle has been repaired and painted, it's off to the final stage of the repair process - detailing. Whether your vehicle requires major rebuilding or minor repair, it is thoroughly cleaned and inspected inside and out.

A Collision Center Like None Other

On-site Inspection

Some insurance companies may ask you to visit a drive-in claims center before having your vehicle repaired. Although you can do this, you can just as easily leave your car at the Karl Chevrolet Collision Center and ask that the insurance company inspect the vehicle here. We'll arrange for on-site inspection by your insurance company.

Understand the Estimate
Differences in repair estimates are common. Keep in mind that lower estimates may not include all the necessary work. Some collision repair facilities may underbid repair work simply by overlooking details. The Karl Chevrolet Collision Center works with your insurance company to give you a complete, detailed appraisal for top-notch service at a fair price. 

Initially only a preliminary estimate can be written until a thorough and meticulous disassembly has been done.  

Only once a vehicle has been disassembled can an estimate be written that reflects all damages and even then upon a final test drives issues can be found.  We use the latest technology and training to get the most accurate estimate possible.

Cover ALL Repairs
Before you sign anything to authorize repairs, be sure that your insurance company will cover the cost of repairing all accident damages. 

Ask to See Our Great Work
In choosing a quality collision center, you should ask to see examples of their work. The Karl Chevrolet Collision Center has I-Car and GM certified technicians and the best equipment, and we'd be glad to show you our facilities and examples of work - either in progress or completed - so you can see for yourself.

We'll Help Negotiate
If you'd like, we'd be more than happy to help you with the negotiations of your claim with the insurance company.

What to know before Authorizing Repair Work
Before you have your vehicle repaired, here are two important factors to remember:
1. You decide on the collision repair facility.
2. Only you can authorize repairs on your vehicle.

Convenience all the way around
In order to have you as a customer for life, we must prove worthy to be your Dealer For Life. One way to do that is by simply making your vehicle repair simple.