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Who you purchase from can be as important as what you purchase. As an independent new car dealer,
Karl Chevrolet is authorized by General Motors to sell the GM Protection Plan. We also offer extended service solutions through VehicleOne. We now invite you to discover more by clicking on the icons below.
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Adding to the environment by subtracting CO2
What do you call the reduction of up to 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide2 from the air? We call it a start. By investing up to $40 million in various programs and initiatives, these efforts will eventually be on par with the annual CO2-reducing effects of a forest the size of Yellowstone National Park3. And that’s just another reason that today, tomorrow and on into the better future we can proudly say Chevy Runs Deep.

Investing in the future
To help reach the goal of reducing 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide over the next few years, Chevrolet will be enlisting the help of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and the Climate Neutral Business Network with environmental initiatives such as:

  • Supporting new wind farms and solar projects
  • Capturing methane from landfills and using it for energy
  • Contributing to forestry projects throughout America

By devoting up to $40 million and partnering with these organizations, Chevrolet is ensuring their investment will have the most impact.

Building more cars using fewer resources
Chevrolet vehicles are using and producing less fuel and CO2, respectively, and the plants where those cars come from are becoming more efficient as well:

  • Manufacturing emissions have decreased by 60% since 1990
  • Water use has decreased by 35% from 2005-2009
  • Plants are using less fossil fuel and using more landfill gas, hydro and solar power
  • 90% of waste is recycled
  • More than half the plants globally are landfill-free facilities

These initiatives are a positive first step, but they're far from being the last.